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The Perimeter

Sowley Brooms I, New Forest, Hampshire. Sowley Brooms I, New Forest, Hampshire.

Two dozen wild horses roam freely on the lanes. Most of the occasional vehicles passing are Land Rovers which have to wait as the horses saunter past. Flocks of pheasants rise squawking from the side of hedgerows as I walk past.

Pylewell House, Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire. Pylewell House, Boldre, New Forest, Hampshire.

Pylewell House grandly isolated with its private shore is still in aristocratic hands with a thatched cricket club house adjacent. Damp bonfire smoke wafts across the lane.

Sowley Brooms II, New Forest, Hampshire. Sowley Brooms II, New Forest, Hampshire.

Otters Crossing, Drive Slowly. In Lymington a lot of the men wear boating brands and wander about looking tanned and leisured even though it’s off season.

Kill Cord, Lymington Yacht Haven, Hampshire. Kill Cord, Lymington Yacht Haven, Hampshire.

At upmarket Lymington Yacht Haven a ‘Danger of Death’ sign replete with a skull and cross bones leaves me unsure as to what danger could possibly exist here different to any…

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The Perimeter

Fawley Power Station I, Hampshire. Fawley Power Station I, Hampshire.

The Hythe Pier train clatters empty at 6am preparing for the first passengers. My legs are having difficulty bending this morning after the previous days exertions. On leaving the street lights I attach a torch to my backpack chest strap so I can see the path as it’s inky black in this wooded area. The ancient track slopes up on both sides feeling like it would have been the perfect place for highwayman to pounce from.

It’s a beautiful thing to walk as dawn emerges, something I started on this walk out of necessity in order to cover the distance and now come to relish. The dark misty sky glows orange with the lights of the Fawley Oil Refinery. Emerging from the forest past a depot of fuel trucks a large crucifix glows outside of Hardley Methodist Church.

The dawn sky streaks with orange and violet…

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The Perimeter

Masts, Emsworth, Hampshire. Masts, Emsworth, Hampshire.

At Emsworth a gentle breeze is blowing and children are learning  to dingy sail. “Tiller away from you”, “No, tiller away from you”, “… and go about”,  “Yes that’s it, well done Henry”.

Warblington Cemetery, Hampshire. Warblington Cemetery, Hampshire.

At Warblington a heart wrenching collection of infant cemeteries, some with sun bleached children’s toys and windmills. Harrowing inscriptions like ‘Born asleep’ or ‘Our runaway bunny’. Perhaps to see so many others bearing the same tragedy is some small solace to the parents. I pass a man in an open field with cellophane wrapped red carnations heading to the graveyard.

Railway sleepers, Langstone, Hampshire. Railway sleepers, Langstone, Hampshire.

A dragonfly dances over freshly cut wheat fields, a single fluffy cloud hangs in the expanse of blue sky. The bridge to Hayling Island lies ahead.

Royal Oak and Mill, Langstone, Hampshire. Royal Oak and Mill, Langstone, Hampshire.

Two young mothers with toddlers siting by the shore in Prinstead, one balances a miniature…

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Infinite Forest. Kemble, England. 40x40cm view larger

Signed prints available at £195 each (Edition of 25).
To purchase please contact me. Larger sizes also available

Thames Waters I
1/2 Mile downstream, Thames Head

Thames Waters II
2 Miles downstream, near Kemble

Thames Waters III
3 Miles downstream, near Ewen

Thames Waters IV
5 Miles downstream, near Ashton Keynes

Thames Waters V
15 Miles downstream, near Cricklade

Thames Waters VI
64 Miles downstream, Abingdon Lock

Thames Waters VII
85 Miles downstream, near Goring

Thames Waters VIII
96 Miles downstream, near Reading

Thames Waters IX
99 Miles downstream, near Sonning

Thames Waters X
100 miles downstream, dawn near Shiplake

Thames Waters XI
103 Miles downstream, near Henley-on-Thames

Thames Waters XII
104 Miles downstream, Marsh Lock. Henley-on-Thames

Thames Waters XIII
129 Miles downstream, near Runnymede

Thames Waters XIV
132 Miles downstream, Under M25 bridge near Staines

Thames Waters XV
158 Miles downstream, near Richmond, London

Thames Waters XVI
160 Miles downstream, near Kew, London

Thames Waters XVII
165 Miles downstream, Wandsworth, London

Thames Waters XVIII
169 Miles downstream, Houses of Parliament, London

Photographs of the mercurial River Thames made during a 10 day walk in August 2012 backpacking and wild camping where possible along 170 miles of the Thames Path from the source near Kemble in Gloucestershire to the City of London, I chose to end my journey on the steps of St Pauls.

Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song,
Sweet Thames, run softly, for I speak not loud or long
TS Eliot.

Signed limited edition prints available at £195 each (40x40cm). To purchase please contact me. Larger sizes also available

Ashampstead Nativity Greetings Card available at St Clement’s Church. Photo: Quintin Lake

St Clement’s Church, Ashampstead, Berkshire contains fine medieval wall paintings dating from c1250. These four Holy Infancy scenes with their decorative heading are in the nave. They illustrate The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity and the Appearance of the Angels to the Shepherds. The paintings were defaced and covered over at the time of the Reformation. they were rediscovered in 1886 and are now being conserved.

The wall-paintings were specially photographed to reveal the maximum amount of detail in the originals. More images from the photoshoot

Also available at St Clement’s Church are a set of 6 different postcards of the Nativity and a folded card. Proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the maintenance of the church. Map showing location of the Church

New Horizons

Marking our turf

English Ryder

Triple cut


Fly by wire


Castle gates


Rural residence

12 to 10

Display / Sleeping

Cotswold hub


A Sceptred Isle

“Green at Present Land” is an ongoing photographic project by Quintin Lake exploring the enigma of contemporary English landscape.


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