High Cup Nick, North Pennines Day: 49   km: 949

Mid-point of Pennine way. By this point my body was adapting and things started getting easier.

Border of Scotland, Cheviot Hills, Pennine Way Day 54   km:1098

Bizarre sign on the border between Scotland & England. Gruelling final section of the pennine way, it really does feel like one is entering a different land

Glen Tilt, Borders Day 64   km: 1382

One of the things which surprised me was the difficulty of navigation when one has to proceed everyday no matter the weather. At one point continuous rain tapping on the waterproof’s hood and then on the bivi bag for 4 days.

The Lairig Ghru , Caingorn Mountains Day 72   km: 1459

838 m high – higher than many British mountain summits

Day 81: The End

Interestingly by the end of 3 months I was physically so used to the lifestyle I could have turned around and done it again. Nothing hurt any more and I felt fresh every morning.

After 81 days I arrived at the northern most point of Britain. Mentally I was so prepared for an anti climax looking out over towards Orkney, but in fact it was a quiet happiness I felt, of slowly getting to know this mysterious island.

I end with this image which reminds me of the simple pleasure of filling up a flask of delicious peaty water from a Scottish burn.

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Photography © Quintin Lake, 1998