Geothermal boring (at centre) and fabrication of the main ring beam foundation (below)

Steel reinforcing bars prior to fabrication

The top of the pile foundations are broken up so the reinforcing steel can connect with the ring beam

Top of the pile foundation with the steels exposed

Geothermal drilling machine in operation

Valve and pipes emerging from a completed geothermal bore hole

Coloured safety markers on a pile foundation

The tower crane foundation will be mounted on a permanent concrete foundation

A carpenter descends the protected period stairwell of the Bannister Building

New services installation in the Bannister Building

Flooring removal in the Bannister Building

Strengthening of the structural timber wall in The Bannister Building

18th century timber, lath and plaster exposed in The Bannister Building

Bannister Building period chimney pots awaiting restoration of the chimney

Extensive timber restoration on the roof of the Bannister Building

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