South Dartmoor Day:10   Km: 232

Interesting thing is how one gradually and uncontrollably becomes an outsider as my beard grew and appearance became more bedraggled. When I bought more fuel for my stove near Plymouth and was pouring it into my fuel bottle a man looked at me and said to his wife “look dear that man is drinking meths’

Mendip Hills, Approaching Bristol Day: 14   km: 376

Also met with incredible kindness of strangers the night before this picture a family let me stay the night in their old caravan. Farmers were also very kind often letting me sleep in their barns.

Hatterall Ridge, Offa’s Dyke Path Day: 18   km 474

Fields of England to the right Wales and the Brecon Beacons to the left, Offa’s Dyke
Low point physically each day had got harder than the last, skin had gone on much of my back and my feet were a mess despite best attempts to remedy the situation.

Laddow rocks cave, Peak District, Pennine Way Day: 34   km: 749

Most memorable night sleep woken by the sun shining on my sleeping bag. A well known gritstone climb starts from from the cave.

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Photography © Quintin Lake, 1998