I see you’re based in London & Oxford, UK what about travel fees for my project outside of these cities or outside of the UK?
A large proportion of my work is abroad and in locations throughout the UK. However when I’m in the UK I divide my time between Bristol, Oxford and London so assignments in these cities incur no travel expenses. For travel to other locations I do ask the client to cover expenses.

Can I expect my photographs to look like the work on your website?
Yes. It doesn’t matter if your project is a large complex building or a single exterior view – you’ll always get my best work. The images in my portfolio represent a range of assignments, both large and small, and a wide range of budgets.

How do you charge for your photography?
I provide a quotation for you project based on my day rate. However I’ll bid your job by the hour or project if this is your preferred way of working. The basic consideration is always the same: how much time will I needed to do the job. After a brief discussion I’ll be able to give you a firm quotation for your project.

What if I don’t like the shots?
I guarantee my work. If you don’t like the pictures you don’t pay.

Is any preparation required by me before the shoot?
Some preparation can make the shoot go smoother and ensure the best possible results see A clients guide to preparing your building for Architectural Photography for more information and a checklist.

If I commission Quintin Lake, can I use the images as often as I want without restrictions or extra charges?
The simple answer is yes. I don’t charge usage fees where the images are used for your PR and marketing purposes, i.e. use in press releases, brochures, website or other literature, as I firmly believe that you should have the freedom to use the images as often as you want without having additional fees imposed on you. This way, you know exactly how much it’s going to cost you from the outset and there are no hidden extras. You’re only limited in your ability to re-sell or transfer usage to a third party, and even that’s negotiable.

Do I own the copyright of images when I commission Quintin Lake?
A: In accordance with the 1988 Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, the copyright remains the property of the commissioned Photographer and a credit must always be attributed to Quintin Lake, unless a written agreement specifically passes ownership of the images to a third party.

What happens if I want to pass on some of the images for a third party to use?
A: All third parties wishing to use the commissioned photography must be directed to Quintin Lake to negotiate the right to use such images. However, if you know of any third party wishing to use the images before the assignment I offer a split-commission rate, which works out cheaper for all parties.

How is an architectural photographer different to a general photographer?
1. Vision: Having an ‘eye’ for creating a striking image of a building based on passion and experience. 2. Equipment: High resolution digital cameras, with tilt-shift (perspective correction) and distortion free lenses 3. Technique: Including taking the shot at the right time of day in the right weather, dealing with lighting colour cast, blending multiple exposures and other digital solutions that will save an otherwise impossible shoot.

How is Quintin Lake different to other architectural photographers?
See benefits of commissioning Quintin Lake Architectural Photography here

Are you a member of any professional organisations?
Yes, The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers, The Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Arts

Do you shoot film or digital format?
I made the switch from colour transparency film in 2004 when I made a complete switch to digital format. I can produce a better image digitally than I ever could on film. There is more control over color, contrast and detail with digital format, not to mention the cost saving of no materials and processing for the client.

What type of camera do you use?
A 4×5 SINAR view camera and 35mm Canon EOS cameras.

I’m a photography / architecture student do you have any background information?
You can try this article in New View or my book Drawing Parallels: Architecture Observed

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