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An architectural photography assignment is a commitment of time, of resources and of money. Creating high-quality images on location presents a complex series of challenges. Thorough planning and communication among the client, photographer, location owner and representatives at the site can help ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

I hope this architectural photography checklist is useful in getting the highest quality results.


The Client to Specify:

• Exact location map of the site with North point marked.
• Function of building.
• Provide construction progress photos if available.
• Areas to be photographed and number of views expected.
• Are there any key features to highlight – or flaws for the photographer to downplay or avoid?
• What is the purpose of the photographs – how are they to be used and who is the audience.
• Delivery deadline.
• Who is commissioning photography? ie Images for single client only?  Multiple parties sharing photo costs and each using the images? Same rights for all parties?

Photographer to Specify:

• Copyright – this is retained by the photographer unless specifically transferred to the client in writing.
• All pictures are entered into an image archive for potential future publication – unless there is a prior agreement. I believe that getting our pictures seen by a wide audience is good for photographer and client alike.
• For each commission, I would recommend that you sign my building release form as a way of controlling publication of images of your project.


Contacts – names and numbers should be supplied of:

• Client – office and mobile.
• Building owner.
• Building security personnel.
• Maintenance personnel.
• Any others involved in the project.


• Are the building owners expecting the photographer?
• Do they know what this involves? – doing it properly means using a tripod, maybe lights, taking some time, etc.
• Are the rooms to be photographed accessible? – any keys or security codes involved.
• Can the building lighting be adjusted or controlled for dusk or dawn photography?
• Is there any special security clearance required?
• If photography from a neighbouring building is required, has the necessary permission been obtained?

3. SITE CONDITIONS – Is The Building looking its Best ?

• Has all the construction been completed?
• Has all construction and letting agent signage been removed?
• Are there any skips, scaffolding, fences, debris or portaloos left behind?
• Is the landscaping ready? Has litter been picked up?
• Are the windows and cladding clean?
• Likelihood of delivery vans arriving and staying for long periods?
• Any lights out? Have any been replaced with the wrong colour?
• Any Graffiti on building? Fences? Posters? Signs?
• Christmas or other seasonal decorations?
• Are interior spaces clean?
• Has all the correct furniture been installed?
• Artwork and sculpture in place?
• Flowers and plants available for inclusion in shots? Props arranged?

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