Photographic highlights of a ten day journey along the 164 km Cotswold Way long-distance footpath walked south to north from Bath to Chipping Campden, Spring 2010. The path runs along the Cotswold Edge escarpment of the Cotswold Hills in England. View Map

Detail of The Circus, Bath, England, by Architect John Wood the Elder

Synthetic grass steps with Daffodils leading to a tee at Lansdown Golf club near Bath adjacent to the Cotswold Way

Mortimer vacated shop window "Market Gardeners since 1897" displaying paintings by a pet portrait artist, Dursley

Overgrown Bench by the Cotswold Way near Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

The Waterloo plantation on Wotton Hill above Wotton-under-Edge on the Cotswold Way

Represented landscape. The sign at Coaley peak indicating points of interest with views across the Severn valley to the Brecon Beacons in Wale in the Distance

Roof of young beech leaves which and are a delicate lime green colour above the Cotswold Way

Steps run up a steep field of Dandelions and Blue Bells on the Cotswold Way on Cam Long Down

St Mary's Parish Church, Painswick surrounded by 99 yew trees and tombstones. Painswick. Gloucestershire, England

Bubbling water rushes by moss at the the mill race at Skinner's Mill, Painswick

Bluebells in front of beech trees at Standish Wood in spring near the Cotswold way. Gloucestershire, England

Bluebells in front of beech trees at Standish Wood in spring near the Cotswold way. Gloucestershire, England

Path as scar. Maiden hill near Stroud. Cotswold way. Gloucestershire, England

Field of bright yellow rapeseed in flower (canola) under a blue sky overlooked by a solitary house in woodland. Seven Springs, Gloucestershire, England.

False Tree Mobile Phone Mast / Fake Cell phone Antenna Tower in English landscape.

Cooper's Hill, Nut Hill & May Hill (L to R) seen from under a beech tree on Crickley Hill on the Cotswold Way

Dr Edward Wilson Antarctic Explorer contemplates a Horse chestnut tree, Cheltenham in the Long Garden in front of the Municipal Offices.

Overhead power lines diagonally cross the Cotswold landscape of rolling hills and fields Ravensgate Hill in Gloucestershire, England.

Solitary tree at Cleeve common hill at dusk near Cheltenham, Malvern Hills in the distance, Gloucestershire, England

Meadow of Dandelion (Taraxacum) and Cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Bernh). Half seeded dandelion clock and parachute balls with Chosen Hill (R) and Nut Hill (L) visible in the distance Gloucestershire, England

The A40 , A436 roundabout at Seven Springs, Gloucestershire

Grass explodes into life next to the curb stone of the A435 by the road at Seven Springs, Gloucestershire

Detail of rock strata at old limestone quarry workings at Leckhampton Hill, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

A row of suburban houses in leafy Leckhampton Cheltenham Spa Town, Gloucestershire

Devil's chimney made from Lower Freestone above a disused quarry in Leckhampton on the outskirts of Cheltenham

Belas Knap neolithic long barrow, Northern False Portal

A sheep in a field showing Ridge and furrow pattern, Lower Coscombe Wood Stanway, Gloucestershire, England

Row of Saplings forming an avenue with Stanway House Fountain at Coscombe corner on the Cotswold Way

Honey Bee Swarm starting to leave for a new location in a field near Postlip, Gloucestershire

Dramatic storm clouds above the Cotswold village of Broadway, England

Interior View of Roof beams and stone tiling at Chipping Campden Market Hall, Gloucestershire

Interior View of Roof beams and stone tiling at Chipping Campden Market Hall, Gloucestershire

If you wish to see more a collection of all 225 photographs from the Cotswold is online here. Individual galleries from the journey van be viewed via the links below. Chronological blog posts with selected images and written impressions from each section can also be seen below.

Day 1 blog post : Bath-Tormaton. 27Km [Gallery of 16 images]
Day 2 blog post : Tormarton to Wotton-under-Edge. 24km [Gallery of 2 images]
Day 3 blog post : Wotton-under-Edge to Dursley. 12km [Gallery of 20 images]
Day 4 blog post : Dursley to Leonard Stanley. 12km [Gallery of 7 images]
Day 5 blog post : Leonard Stanley to Cooper’s Hill. 19km [Gallery of 23 images]
Day 6 blog post : Cooper’s Hill to Crickley Hill. 10km [Gallery of 7 images]
Day 7 blog post : Crickley Hill to Seven Springs. 10km [Gallery of 26 images]
Day 8 blog post : Seven springs to Cleeve Hill. 12km [Gallery of 17 images]
Day 9 blog post : Cleeve hill to Stanway. 19km [Gallery of 15 images]
Day 10 blog post : Stanway to Chipping Campden. 19km [Gallery of 12 images]

Other image galleries created on the journey:

The Circus, Bath, by John Wood the Elder [Gallery of 10 images]
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False Tree Mobile Phone Mastnext to the A40 [Gallery of 5 images]
Field of yellow rapeseed oil (canola) [Gallery of 10 images]
Pylons / overhead power lines  [Gallery of 15 images]
Belas Knap neolithic long barrow [9 images]

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Photography © Quintin Lake, 2010