Oxfordshire based Developer Belmark Homes contacted me to reshoot a property as they felt the estate agent’s photographs didn’t do the property justice. Even though it looks like the estate agent used a wide angle lens and a tripod, which is better than most, the original pictures do not maximise the potential of the building. In my reshoot I have tried to convey the two strongest aspects of the house that are not conveyed in the first shoot: its rural setting and quality of materials and fittings. View my entire photoshoot of Fairlawne House here.

BEFORE Estate Agent's Front Exterior Photograph • Setting looks stark, like a housing estate not a rural setting • Building falls backwards, verticals not vertical • Sky highlights overexposed

AFTER: Front Exterior Photo by Quintin Lake • Leafy and quiet setting conveyed • verticals corrected

BEFORE: Estate Agent's Rear Exterior Photograph • Tree obscures building • Flat tonal exposure • Emphasis on less attractive facade of building

AFTER: Rear Exterior, Photo by Quintin Lake • Tree frames building • Attractive facade emphasised

BEFORE: Estate Agent's Kitchen Interior Photograph • Room appears small dark and gloomy • Off angle verticals distracting

AFTER: Kitchen Interior, Photo by Quintin Lake • Colour tone removed • perspective corrected • space lightened with off camera flash • room lights switched on add visual interest • wide angle lens shows width of room

BEFORE: Estate Agent's Bathroom Interior Photograph • bath room appears cold and small • doesn't show oak door or shower

AFTER: Bathroom Interior, Photo by Quintin Lake • warm tone added • oak door leads eye in to room and warms image • perspective corrected • wide angle lens used to include shower unit