Concert hall, Pripyat

Concert hall, Pripyat, Chernobyl. Photo : Quintin Lake

This photograph, Concert Hall From the series “Pripyat: 21 years after Chernobyl” is one of 50 works to receive a commendation in the Artwork & Photography category of the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition 2010. The competition received over 4,000 entries from across the world.

BUY PRINT of Pripyat 21 Years after Chernobyl (The Concert Hall), Giclee Print, 50x33cm, Edition of 25 + 1 A/P

The print has previously been on shown at the Crane Kalman Gallery in Brighton, the Architectural Association in London, the Royal West of England Academy Autumn Show in Bristol  and the Host Gallery in London.

Photography © Quintin Lake, 2010