Concert Hall, from Pripyat: 21 Year after Chernobyl Series © Quintin Lake

I’m delighted to be participating in this exhibition & event, here’s the blurb:

UNINTENTION explores the ways in which creativity can manipulate and reinvent the purpose behind ideas, objects, web-sharing, personal and world events. Works include a satirical rehash of a presidential television broadcast by filmmaker Chris Morris; as well as an immersive display of projected stills from the collection Pripyat: 21 Years After Chernobyl by architectural photographer Quintin Lake, documenting both the initial aftermath of the nuclear disaster and the change in its environment since.

Along with the show as a whole, the works use existing material by changing their original intentions; a leaders broadcast becomes a skilled re-edit ridden with satire; the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, via its documentation, inevitably becomes a collection of photographic art. Other new and existing works in the show will include; the focus of normal practical objects being turned into pieces of visual art; a short video art piece encompassing a well known graffiti love-note from the walls of the infamous Park Hill flats in Sheffield; and various pieces looking at Internet Memes and considering their place in the art world.

UNINTENTION  @ WCS | Wolstenholme Creative Space | 11 Wolstenholme Square | Liverpool | L1 4JJ

Preview | 28 September 2011, 6-9pm

Exhibition | 29 September – 2 October 2011, 12-4pm

Admission FREE

UNINTENTION Closing Night Event | 2 October 2011

7pm | The Light Bulb Conspiracy  Admission FREE

Film collective, Tea and Two Slice, present The Light Bulb Conspiracy documentary screening + free tea and toast!

8:30pm | Ruins Alone + live performances  Admission £4

In partnership with WCS, I Am Your Barber, Postmusic and Samzidat present live performances from:

RUINS ALONE (skin graft) Legendary Japanese drum god, showcasingp;the works of Ruins, Koenjihyakkei in his mind melting solo performance

STIG NOISE DIY mariachi trumpet fuelled noise nonsense since 1998

BARBEROS Duel drumming, synth wielding, spandex sporting electro doom jazz noise hollering perverts

The live performances will also include live visuals by video artist Sam Wiehl, manipulating Internet Memes once again reinventing their intention and allowing the meme to evolve within the art gallery setting.

Further Info: