The Perimeter

Fawley Power Station I, Hampshire. Fawley Power Station I, Hampshire.

The Hythe Pier train clatters empty at 6am preparing for the first passengers. My legs are having difficulty bending this morning after the previous days exertions. On leaving the street lights I attach a torch to my backpack chest strap so I can see the path as it’s inky black in this wooded area. The ancient track slopes up on both sides feeling like it would have been the perfect place for highwayman to pounce from.

It’s a beautiful thing to walk as dawn emerges, something I started on this walk out of necessity in order to cover the distance and now come to relish. The dark misty sky glows orange with the lights of the Fawley Oil Refinery. Emerging from the forest past a depot of fuel trucks a large crucifix glows outside of Hardley Methodist Church.

The dawn sky streaks with orange and violet…

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