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Football game at Jardim São Marcos Favela, Cubatão adjacent to the Fosfertil Fertiliser Factory, Cubatão, Brazil

A couple samba in an open-air bar, Cubatão, Brazil

Cubatão Samba School (bateria da escola de samba nações unidas) practice on the street in Cubatão, Brazil

The home of D. Maninha, aged 94, one of the oldest inhabitants of Pylons, Cubatão

My photographs from Cubatao are featured on the artwork for Geopolitica Brasileira / Brazil Geoplitics (CEZ4076) CD, by Silvano Michelino released by Cezame Music Agency, Paris. Graphic design: Jacques Boucaux, Produced by: Françoise Marchesseau & Frédéric Leibovitz

“An emerging power on the international scene, Brazil is in a period of profound change: industrial, ecological, economic and social. Its famously rich musical culture is perceptibly responding to these changes. Silvano Michelino here presents his personal synthesis of ingrained musical diasporas and evolving trends in a nation in flux.”

The photographs featured on the CD artwork are from Cubatao, Brazil once one of the most polluted places on earth, which were made during the filming of Holiday in Cubatao

My account of the experience can be read in  Cubatao: Life in the Valley of Death

VIEW MORE IMAGES of Cubatao, Brazil here

Photography © Quintin Lake, 2008

Holidays in Cubatão tells the story of an industrial landscape deep in the forests of Brazil through the eyes of an Australian who chooses this bizarre place to spend his holiday for no apparent reason.
The film was made in the fashion of the former Pascal Schöning’s Diploma Unit 3 and it has in its cast and crew five AA graduates: Chris Dukes, Quintin Lake, Julian Löffler, Isabel Pietri and Rubens Azevedo. More Info

Informa Cubatão News Article (In Portuguese)

A full gallery of documentary photographs can be seen here and making of photographs from the film here

Photography © Quintin Lake

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