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Last of the Borneo Rainforest Cover featuring Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, Danum Valley, Sabah

Dawn mist in Danum Valley, Sabah

Two juvenile Southern Pig-tailed Macaques in Danum Valley, Sabah

Variegated leaf in Mesilau Nature Resort, Sabah

Orang Utan Sanctuary, Sepilok, Sabah

Kinabalu National Park, Sabah

Flower and pitcher Nepenthes Rajah pitcher plant, Mesilau Nature Resort, Sabah

Canopy of Dipterocarp tree at Poring Hot Springs, Sabah

Rafflesia flower 60 cm across with pollinating flies, 4 days old, Poring, Sabah

The Red Giant Flying Squirrel in flight, Sepilok, Sabah

Palm Oil deforestation, Sabah

Image wrap laminated Hardback, 146 pages, 20 × 25 cm, illustrated throughout

I’ve just received the first copy of my latest photo book “The Last of the Borneo Rainforest” this is my first foray into print-on-demand publishing and I’m delighted with the print quality and colour accuracy.

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Book cover: The Last of the Borneo Rainforest by Quintin Lake

Deforestation in Sabah for Palm Oil plantations

Virgin rainforest in Ulu Temburong, Brunei

Rainforest canopy in Sabah, Borneo

A photostory of deforestation and Palm Oil plantations contrasted with the wildlife of Sabah and Brunei. Featuring Sepilok, Kinabalu National Park, Danum Valley, Kinabatangan River, Peradayan and Ulu Temburong.

Binding: Hardback, 146 pages
Format: 20 × 25 cm, Full page photographs in colour throughout

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The Danum Valley Conservation Area is a 438 square kilometres tract of relatively undisturbed lowland dipterocarp forest in Sabah, Malaysia. The area holds unique status in the sense that before it became a conservation area there were no human settlements within the area, meaning that hunting, logging and other human interference was non existent making the area almost unique.

Southern Pig-tailed Macaque (Macaca nemestrina) looking through vegetation

Protoxodera monstrosa, male: a very rare Praying Mantis in Danum Valley, Sabah

A logging truck crosses the Danum river in Danum Valley, Sabah

Mature Male Bornean Orangutan, Pongo pygmaeus morio, hanging from a tree in Danum Valley, Sabah

Mist at dawn glides past the Rainforest tree canopy in Danum Valley, Sabah

File eared tree frog in the Danum Valley, Sabah

Dawn mist with the tree canopy in Danum Valley, Sabah

Paradise Tree Snake or Paradise Flying Snake Chrysopelea paradis

Golden orb spider in the Danum Valley, Sabah

VIEW MORE / BUY PRINTS / DOWNLOAD  & LICENSE  STOCK IMAGES  from Danum Valley, Sabah, Borneo here >>

Photography © Quintin Lake, 2010

Final images are now online at the Sabah Youth Conservation Expedition Website including photos from Danum Valley, Iban Longhouse, Kinabatangan river, Bagang, Orangutan in Sepilok, Palm Oil Plantations and Deforestation, Sabah tea Plantation, Pitcher plants of Mesilau, Kinabalu National park, Palau Sulug Island, turtle Island and the Sabah Youth Conservation Expedition Team

I’m acting as photographer for this expedition arriving a couple of weeks before the group to have more time to make photographs of the rainforest. You can read about the background to the project and follow daily progress and photography on the expedition website from 13-25th July 2010.The expedition will produce the following publications:




The expedition will also be creating sound recording for potential inclusion in a BBC Voices of Sabah Programme

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