Experiments in Architecture edited by Samantha Hardingham published by August

View through the periscope looking out to Kings Cross. Part of "An area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty" an installation by Richard Wentworth. Photo: Quintin Lake

Experiments in Architecture edited by Samantha Hardingham and published by August Projects in 2005. Much of the material in the book was a result of the pilot PAL Architecture Lab supported by NESTA and directed by Digital Putty. Ten architects, artists and engineers nominated by heads of schools and practices in the UK collaborated on design projects. The participants were: Jason Bruges, artist / Kevin Gray, architect / George Grinsted, new media practitioner / Mark Hemel, architect / Dominik Holzer,  architect / Frank Jensen, engineer / Sophie Juettner, architect / Quintin Lake, architect / Matilda Pye, artist  &  Keith Wilson, artist.

The book also includes contributions by David Greene, Cedric Price, Sand Helsel, Bruce McLean, Kevin Gray, Matty Pye, Richard Wentworth, Feliks Topolski, Dickson Robinson, Ben Morris, Roger Zogolovitch, Nicholas Royle & Davis Rosen. Buy on Amazon here

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