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A young woman wearing hijab and jeans takes a photograph with a mobile (cell) phone, Shiraz, Iran

A girl at the window of The Arg (Citadel) of Karim Khan, Shiraz, Iran

Iranian man and his son eat ice cream Shiraz, Iran

Two Iranian women sit talking while wearing a Chador in Shiraz, Iran

Iranian girl wearing headscarf Shiraz, Iran

Portrait of a young Iranian man Shiraz, Iran

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Photography © Quintin Lake, 2010

The Arg (Citadel) of Karim Khan, Shiraz, Iran

Detail of brickword of The Arg (Citadel) of Karim Khan, Shiraz, Iran

The southeastern tower of The Arg of Karim Khan having partially subsided into the underground sewerage system that served the Args bathhouse

Windows of the Internal courtyard of The Arg (Citadel) of Karim Khan, Shiraz, Iran

Built in 1766 the Arg of Karim Khan is located at Shohada Square, Shiraz, Iran. The citadel of Karim Khan consists of four high walls connected by four 14 m round brick towers at a 90-degree angle. Each 12m wall is crenalized and is 3 metres thick at the base and 2.8 metres at the top. The design of the citadel combines military and residential architecture, for it was the home ofKarim Khan and the military centre of the dynasty.

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Photography © Quintin Lake, 2010

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