Pembroke College, Oxford University

An ongoing assignment to provide Pembroke College, Oxford University with images documenting, archaeology, buildings to be demolished, demolitions and construction  of a major new addition to the college by architects Berman Guedes Stretton.

The portfolio will be an historical archive for the college as well as a recourse of images for marketing purposes.

“Planning consent has been granted for one of Oxford’s largest and most dramatic college developments of recent times. A glass-sided bridge overflies the ancient City wall and Brewer Street to connect Pembroke College’s main site to five new buildings on a site which also capitalises on the view towards Lutyens’ imposing Campion Hall. At the centre of Berman Guedes Stretton’s design is a large new quad shared between the Lutyens and proposed buildings.”

The photo archive, which will be ongoing during the construction process can be seen here

Pembroke College Redevelopment: Archaeological Dig at No 7 & The

Hall the Printer, Oxford

Photography © Quintin Lake, 2008