For the second year running I’m delighted to be a panellist on the expedition photography panel at this years “Explore – expedition & fieldwork planning weekend” at the Royal Geographical Society which is always the most exciting event of the year for me.

The event runs 22nd & 23rd November, 2008 and the photography workshop is on Sunday afternoon.

Tom Ang, Who chaired the panel asked us to come up with our personal three golden rules. These are mine aimed at the novice expedition photographer:

1. Make sure your camera is accessible
Its no good if your camera is hidden inside your rucksack, canoe or vehicle. Be prepared that some of the best shots may be when you are most scared or in the worst weather.

2. Don’t get too hung up on kit
Its where you go, how you interact with people, your patience and how you use your camera that makes a good picture. However do backup your digital files and physically protect your camera from dust, moisture and impact.

3. Edit in camera and thematically
With digital its easy to return with too many pictures so edit in camera..before you press the shutter release.
Post-expedition the editing process can tell many stories, choosing themes can help make your editing more distinctive.