This photoshoot was commissioned by Francis Lincoln Publisher for the upcoming book “Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy: Three Radical Buildings” edited by Alan Berman. View the entire photoshoot here.

Charles Jencks describes the project in the chapter ‘James Sirling or Function made Manifest’ in the book ‘The modern movements in Architecture’ thus:

“Yet it was not until their next scheme, the leicester Engineering Building, that they [Stirling & Gowan] developed their idiom in complete maturity. Instead of drawing in perspective they switched to a bird’s eye view which could analyse and dissect the whole project showing the underlying anatomy. This method of drawing really is a method of designing for it allows the architect to work out the space, structure, geometry, function and detail altogether and without distortion.”

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Axonometric style, Aerial view of Leicester University, Engineering Building

The cantilevered lecture theatre, Leicester University, Engineering Building, Designed by James Stirling & James Gowan Architects, Completed 1959

The water tower sits atop glazed seminar rooms which runs at 45 degrees to the workshops

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Photography  © Quintin Lake, 2010