Gary a plumber from G F Cross & Sons installing services below the new servery (Photo: Quintin Lake)

Rich Oliver a carpenter from Benfield & Loxley fabricating new washroom cubicles (Photo: Quintin Lake)

Paul Martin of Polydeck Resins mixes floor sealant in the kitchen (Photo: Quintin Lake)

Matthew a carpenter from Benfield & Loxley works on the new bar area (Photo: Quintin Lake)

Terry & Lloyd from Benfield & Loxley Groundwork Crew (Photo: Quintin Lake)

Ron Cross & Jono of G F Cross & Sons study the services plan (Photo: Quintin Lake)

The new servery next to the main hall starts to take shape (Photo: Quintin Lake)

New bar in the cellars (Photo: Quintin Lake)

October construction progress at Pembroke College, Oxford as part of a larger photographic documentation of the project.

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