The Perimeter

Helter Skelter, Brighton, Sussex Helter Skelter, Brighton, Sussex

Brighton on a Sunday morning: its homeless, swearing and dirty cohabit the park benches with sleeping revellers. The brightly painted shops padlocked and shuttered, seagulls screeching. The people I pass who are not horizontal all carry an object telegraphing their originality: a guitar, a zigzag poncho, a neck tattoo, a guitar, a long board, a long beard.

99, Brighton, Sussex 99, Brighton, Sussex

On the promenade a sentimental wet sand sculpture of a dog with a litter is being prepared for the days trade. West pier floats otherworldly out to sea, burnt, broken and disconnected. A structure called i360 is being built where the pier entrance once stood looking like a power station chimney in the centre of the city.

Larry Lobster, Brighton, Sussex Larry Lobster, Brighton, Sussex

The rainbow flag flies alongside the union jack on hotels. Heavy rain starts dispersing the dog walkers. Bins overflowing with disposable BBQ’s and beer cans drenched In…

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