The Perimeter

Harbour Park, Littlehampton, Sussex. Harbour Park, Littlehampton, Sussex.

Rain falls so insistently the geese stand with their bills tucked under their wings. Moments later I’m startled by a lighting flash and immediate thunder clap that sounds overhead – the rain dial is upped to monsoon.

Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex. Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex.

Milky landscape – despite the weather feel happy to walk along along the strip of sand at the edge of the waves. Sky, land and sea – everything is water.

Beach Huts, Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex. Beach Huts, Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex.

Hours of rain walking later I pause in the Bait House cafe in Felpham and feel embarrassed that they had to mop after me to prevent other customers slipping after all the rain sloughed off me into the floor. The waiter in the cafe says sometimes the flood is so bad everyone’s fish ponds overflow – “There’s carp in our river and everyone tries to catch it”

Slipway, Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex. Slipway, Middleton-on-Sea, Sussex.

The storm clears momentarily which makes for…

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