The Perimeter

Pheasant, Hook Lane, Bosham, Sussex. Hook Lane, Bosham, Sussex.

A farmer makes a channel to drain a pool of rainwater in the track with the heel of his boot. “You’ve chosen a good day for walking” he says, the rain streaking down his face. “You know where you’re going, got a map?”. Unsure wether this comment comes from friendly concern or the suspicion of trespassing, I assure him I have both map and will keep off his land.

Beech Bin, Bosham Hoe, Sussex. Beech Bin, Bosham Hoe, Sussex.

A row of traditional thatched cottages. Outside one a Sussex Police notice requesting information on the murder of a woman called Valerie Graves. I subsequently learn she was killed in one of these houses with a claw hammer.

A change of values, Bosham Hoe, Sussex. A change of values, Bosham Hoe, Sussex.

Three swans glide in the rain pocked channel, Chichester cathedral misty behind. Flocks of birds arise at intervals and on land pheasants run busily across the lane.

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