The Perimeter

Masts, Emsworth, Hampshire. Masts, Emsworth, Hampshire.

At Emsworth a gentle breeze is blowing and children are learning  to dingy sail. “Tiller away from you”, “No, tiller away from you”, “… and go about”,  “Yes that’s it, well done Henry”.

Warblington Cemetery, Hampshire. Warblington Cemetery, Hampshire.

At Warblington a heart wrenching collection of infant cemeteries, some with sun bleached children’s toys and windmills. Harrowing inscriptions like ‘Born asleep’ or ‘Our runaway bunny’. Perhaps to see so many others bearing the same tragedy is some small solace to the parents. I pass a man in an open field with cellophane wrapped red carnations heading to the graveyard.

Railway sleepers, Langstone, Hampshire. Railway sleepers, Langstone, Hampshire.

A dragonfly dances over freshly cut wheat fields, a single fluffy cloud hangs in the expanse of blue sky. The bridge to Hayling Island lies ahead.

Royal Oak and Mill, Langstone, Hampshire. Royal Oak and Mill, Langstone, Hampshire.

Two young mothers with toddlers siting by the shore in Prinstead, one balances a miniature…

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