Art Magazine Spring 04 2011

Drawing Parallels: Architecture Observed review by George Ferguson

There is something almost edible about Quintin Lake’s Architectural Photographs which have been arranged in pairs for the viewer to draw associations. This book is all about looking and learning but not lecturing. I am delighted to discover that doors in Iran traditionally have two knockers, one with a heavy loud sound announcing a man’s arrival and one with a lighter sound announcing a woman.

I now know that the lawn, railing and cobbles in an Oxford Square strike similar note as the curved concrete ribs of Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan building in Sao Paulo.

There is much more to discover in this deliciously designed book for which the publisher Alexandra Papadakis, who studied architecture, should share the credit. I am tempted to place it on my bookshelves with food rather than architecture and I am absolutely resolved to get a better Camera. George Ferguson

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