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Kulturvaerftet, Culture Yard, Helsigor, Denmark. Architect: Aart

These photos were commissioned by Søren Jensen, the engineering firm of the project.


Photography  © Quintin Lake, 2011

A visualisation of the folded roof of Godsbanen, The Freight Yard Project. Image by 3XN Architects

Construction of reinforced concrete roof. Photo: Quintin Lake

An visualisation of the roof of Godsbanen set between existing freight halls. Image by 3XN Architects

The new building provides a link between the two freight halls. Photo: Quintin Lake

The ridge area around the roof-lights adds to the structural stiffness of the roof. Photo: Quintin Lake

The reinforcing bars on the apex of the roof. Photo: Quintin Lake

The roof creates a new public landscape between the old freight halls. Olafur Eliasson's "Your Rainbow Panorama" visible at right. Photo: Quintin Lake

Wavy reinforcing steel provides stiffness against shear forces in the new roof. Photo: Quintin Lake

The main new building contains two new concert halls. The reinforced concrete ramp to the roof is being constructed in the foreground. Photo: Quintin Lake

Temporary concrete shuttering allows for the construction of the building's faceted angles. Photo: Quintin Lake

Sections of the freight yard's original rail tracks. Photo: Quintin Lake

Sound insulated recording studio in the old freight halls. Photo: Quintin Lake

The striking laminated timber beams of the original freight hall. A music venue being constructed at the rear. Photo: Quintin Lake

These images show the construction, as of June 2011, for a new cultural hub for scenography, visual arts and literature named Godsbanen /The Freight Yard Project that is being built within a historical framework in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. The new cultural center is meant to be an inspiring setting that stimulates production of the arts and facilitates the interaction amongst the various artistic metiers, business and education.

The project design by Architects 3XN in collaboration with Søren Jensen Engineers is comprised of the renovation of the existing freight halls along with a new building with rooms and large scale auditoria. The roof of the building will appear as an extension of the green space – and will take the form of a green ‘carpet’ over the new building.  The project is expected to be completed in 2012.

These photos were commissioned by Søren Jensen, the engineering firm of the project.

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Photography  © Quintin Lake, 2011

New Clubhouse for Aarhus Rowing Club at dusk. Photo: Quintin Lake

New Clubhouse seen from the pontoon in Braband Lake. Photo: Quintin Lake

New Clubhouse, opened in 2010, for Aarhus Rowing Club (Århus Roklub klubhus), by Braband Lake Aarhus, Denmark.

These photos were commissioned by Søren Jensen, the engineering firm of the project.

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Photography  © Quintin Lake, 2011

Counselling Center (Hejmdal) Danish Cancer Society at dusk, Aarhus, Denmark. Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP. Engineer: Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma. Photo: Quintin Lake

Interior view looking up to roof apex of of 45x45cm solid Douglas Fir members and steel junction. Photo: Quintin Lake

This building which opened in 2009 inspired by the Maggie’s Centres in the UK is the Danish Cancer Society’s first new non-institutional counselling centre. The new counselling centre known as Hejmdal or Cancer Patients House is designed by Architect Gehry Partners & Engineer Søren Jensen. The project is a renovation of an existing 1908 building, designed by the Danish architect Rudolf Clausen, which serves as a gateway to the Aarhus Hospital campus.

The design maintains the existing historic house walls and windows and inserts two new floor levels above the expanded lower level of the house. These floors are supported independently from the existing exterior walls creating an uninterrupted space, or canyon, allowing natural light from the new glass roof to reach all levels of the house.

The preservation of the existing masonry facades is achieved by the use of 45x45cm solid Douglas Fir members for both the new glazed new roof and a highly unusual timber structure inserted into the building posed significant engineering challenges.

These photos were commissioned by the engineering firm of the project: Søren Jensen 

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Photography  © Quintin Lake, 2011

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