Oxford University Biochemistry Building at dusk, Oxford, UK. Architects: Hawkins Brown, Built 2008

Coloured glass fins of Oxford University Biochemistry Building in evening light

Abstract detail of the Coloured glass fins of Oxford University Biochemistry Building

Coloured glass fins set against the sky

Fire in the Evening, Paul Klee, Oil on board, 1929

Coloured glass fins of the New Oxford University Biochemistry Building, by Hawkins Brown frame views in and out of the building, creating complex and subtle patterns of colour as the light changes. According to the architects the fins reflect the rich red, terracotta, orange, brown and purple of the nearby buildings though to me they have a refreshingly assertive identity of their own.

The final combination and rhythm of colours was influenced by the Bauhaus artist Paul Klee’s theories as can be seen by looking at his works such as “Fire in the Evening” (above). This sophisticated use of colour in architecture won the building the WAN Colour in Architecture award in 2011. For another stunning use of coloured glass in architecture see my photographs of “My Rainbow Horizon” in Denmark

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