Looks like an interesting discussion on Architectural Photography for those in London

The Miniclick Photo Talks

We’re heading back to the Anise Gallery in London for our second panel discussion with them, in what we hope will become a pretty long series. Back in October 2013 we curated a panel on contemporary British landscape photography to coincide with Marc Wilson’s beautiful exhibition of his Last Stand work.

The gallery has a strong architectural leaning and in February, whilst Paul Raftery’s fantastic “Berlin Voids” exhibition is on, they’ve invited us back to put together a panel on architectural photography. Photographing architecture is an odd thing – creating two dimensional images of someone else’s work of art that is inherently intended to be experienced in three dimensions. Most buildings are seen by more people on the pages of magazines, or on blogs, than they are in person. It also has a history of being photographed empty, devoid of the people who the structure is intended to be used…

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