1 Severn Source to Hafren Forest, 13km

Source of the River Severn, Plymlimon, Powys, Wales
2 Hafren Forest to Caerswys, 25km

Severn Way: Hafren Forest to Caerswys
3 Caersws to Welshpool, 33km

Severn Way: Caersws to Welshpool
4 Welshpool to Shrewsbury, 40km

5 Shrewsbury 

Tudor half-timbered houses of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
6 Shrewsbury to Ironbridge, 30km

Severn Way. Shrewsbury to Ironbridge
7 The Iron Bridge

The Iron Bridge, Spanning the river Severn at Ironbridge Gorge
8 Ironbridge to Upper Arley, 33km

Ironbridge Power Station Cooling Towers. Severn Way. Ironbridge
9 Upper Arley to Worcester, 33km

Dawn at River Severn at Upper Arley
10 Worcester

Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, UK
11 Worcester to Tewkesbury, 30km

Severn Way between Worcester and Tewksbury
12 Tewkesbury Abbey

Choir vault and stained glass
13 Tewkesbury to Gloucester, 21km

Severn Way between Tewksbury to Gloucester
14 Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, UK
15 Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters, Gloucestershire, England
16 Gloucester to Upper Framilode, 32km

River Severn between Gloucester and Upper Framilode
17 Newnham to Gloucester, 31km

18 Newnham to Lydney, 20km

19 Upper Framilode to Dursley, 22km

River Severn between Upper Framilode and Cam & Dursley
20 Purton Hulks

Purton Hulks - Ships' Graveyard
21 Chepstow To Lydney, 18km

22 Oldbury Power Station, 6km

River Severn Near Oldbury-On Severn
23 Chepstow & Lydney, 14km

24 Dursley to Severn Bridge, 36km

Severn Way. Cam & Dursley to Severn Bridge
25 Severn Aust Powerline 

Aust Severn Powerline Crossing. West Pylon
26 Chepstow to Severn Bridge, 13km

Severn Suspension Bridge  connecting England and Wales. Built 19 
27 Calidcot to Chepstow, 23km

28 Severn Bridge to Avonmouth, 15km

The Severn Way: Severn Bridge to Avonmouth
A 488km walk beside the River Severn, Britain’s longest river, from the source on the boggy flanks of Plynlimon in Wales to the industrial landscape surrounding Avonmouth. One of the many fascinating aspects of the river is its huge tidal range which reveals great swathes of sand and mud at low tide in the tidal stretch of the river, below Gloucester.

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